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The intention of this web site is to provide some support for the OK Supreme motorcycle.

Any information that owners can email to me will help add to the contents of these pages.

Ultimately I hope to set up machine dating service that will be recognised by the DVLA.

Basic History
OK Supreme motorcycles were manufactured in Birmingham. It was a family concern consisting of father Ernie Humphries, son John and daughters Freda and Alice. The company produced a variety of sporty models mainly fitted with JAP engines from 1926 to the late 1930s.

In 1926 the OK Supreme range consisted of two-stroke and four-stroke models that were fitted with either JAP, Bradshaw or Blackburne engines.

From 1927 The OK Supreme were only fitted with JAP engines. A machine was placed at the TT, to take third in the Lightweight class.

During the years of 1928 to 1930 the OK Supreme was successfully raced in the TT races.

In 1931 the 250cc to 348cc models nick-named the Lighthouse were introduced - so named due to the little inspection window in the cam tower.

While still retaining the model letter and year the firm began to name models. The most famous being the Flying Clouds.

In 1939 models started to have Matchless engines fitted. Later that year production ceased but bikes were still listed until the end of 1940. The firm then became involved with vital war work.

350cc JAP engined OK-Supreme grass track racing machines were still available through John Humphries until his death in 1946.

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